“At a young age winning is not the most important thing.” 

“The important thing is to develop creative and skilled players with good confidence.”




Focused led sessions with the emphasis on high intensity speed work and playing fast passes.
The 3 x 1 hour sessions will take place at Josephine Butler Campus, Ashington on the 3G pitch.
Prices from £10 per day or £25 for the 3 days.
Places are limited due to COVID restrictions and all procedures will be adhered too.
TUESDAY 27TH TO THURSDAY 29TH 10am to 11pm

Locust Football Academy with Trevor Benjamin

Trevor Benjamin’s Locust Football Academy 

Based at Bedilington High School 3G pitch, from 5 pm the academy will be based on our core principles and will develop players ball mastery, passing and receiving skills, attacking and defending principles. 

We are launching four academies, which are age appropriate catering for specific groups:

Pre-Academy aged 4 to 8 years

Foundation Academy 9 to 12 years 

Girls Academy 7 to 12 years

Goalkeeper Academy 8 to 14 yearsLocust 

Own Your Own Football Coaching Business

Become a Locust Football Academy Associate 


Academy Training

Learn the skills and moves that are taught in pro club academies. Our academy training follows the same coaching syllabus as licenced academies

Holiday Camps

We offer a wide range of holiday experienced at our camps from 3 day coaching camps to 1 day fun camps

Goalkeeper Academy

Develop your goalkeeping skills through our goalkeeper academy. You will receive one to one coaching which cover handling, shot stopping and distribution

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