Develop Your Game

“Without a technical foundation the player will never emerge”

– Stephen Common Co Founder –

The Academy is based around key development cornerstones, similar to that of pro club academy’s which include a progressive programme of:

Ball Mastery

Passing & Receiving

1 V 1’s and 2 v 2’s

The development programme ensures each player works with a ball at the correct tempo and level to maximum the opportunity to improve their technical excellence. Pre-academy look to develop there ball mastery an d1 v 1 skills, while the u10’s to u14’s look to develop there game understanding not only working on ball mastery but also working in an opposed environment to stretch and challenge and to develop there fitness by performing skills at high tempo  

The Four Performance Criteria


We aim to develop technically excellent players with the skills and attributes to excel in all levels of football. Players will develop the ability to create, score and prevent goals through excellence in: • Receiving skills • Turning skills • Travelling with the ball • Passing over varying distances • Attacking and defending skills • Finishing Skills


We aim to develop players who display outstanding tactical knowledge with a high football IQ across the following areas: • Behavior • Reflection • Teamwork • Relationships • Accountability • Responsibility • Independence
Please note: some of the attributes listed above may not be applicable to individual impairment specific versions of the game.


We aim to develop future Durham players who possess outstanding physical and athletic skills in the following areas: • Agility, balance, coordination • Speed/Speed endurance • Flexibility • Power • Strength • Nutrition and lifestyle • Physical resilience • Recovery


We aim to develop players with the psychological skills and strategies to shape a winning culture and mentality. The player will develop arrange of attributes including: • Confidence • Creativity • Concentration • Communication • Control • Commitment


Year 2 to Year 5
5 - 6 pm

Girls & Boys

Year 6 to Year 9
5 - 6 pm

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